From the Ethics – Part V. Of the Power of the Intellect; or of Human Freedom

Page 1 – reason can control the emotions and lead to human freedom

Page 2 – understanding of the necessity of things gives the mind power

Page 3 – knowledge of how to increase one's power brings joy

Page 4 – (Deus sive Natura) has no emotions

Page 5 – all may gain a love of (Deus sive Natura) but not expect it to love them back

Page 6 – of the mind's power over the emotions

Page 7 – the mind endures

Page 8 – the mind endures - part 2

Page 9 – of the third kind of knowledge

Page 10 – from the third kind of knowledge comes the intellectual love of (Deus sive Natura)

Page 11 – the rational mind is less subject to thoughts of death

Page 12 – without the hope and fear of the afterlife most believe there would be chaos

Page 13 – of blessedness

Page 14 – of the way forward- conclusion

Page 15 – summary of the Ethics

Page 16 – of the eternalness of the mind