Source: Theologico-Political Treatise - Chapter I. of Prophecy

Spinoza's Chapter 1. - of Christ (Page 2)

book coverA superior mind is necessary to comprehend the ordinances of (Deus sive Natura) directly, as by intuition. Christ had this ability and, in this sense, his voice and wisdom may be called the voice and wisdom of (Deus sive Natura).

Spinoza writes: I must at this juncture declare that those doctrines which certain churches put forward concerning Christ, I neither affirm nor deny, for I freely confess that I do not understand them. What I have just stated I gather from Scripture, where I never read that (Deus sive Natura) appeared to Christ, or spoke to Christ.

Thus we may conclude that no one except Christ received the revelations of (Deus sive Natura) without the aid of imagination, whether in words or vision. Therefore the power of prophecy implies not a peculiarly perfect mind, but a peculiarly vivid imagination, as I will show more clearly in the next chapter.