Keywords and Phrases (under construction)

Blessedness –  love toward Deus sive Natura  see Ethics – Part V. (Page 13)

Deus sive NaturaGod or Nature   see Woodbridge - search for “Deus”

Divine love – increased knowledge of Deus sive Natura;  see Blessedness Ethics – Part V. (Page 13)

Geometric form – see Woodbridge - search for “geometric”

Happiness – see On the Improvement of the Understanding (Page 5)

Human bondage – see Woodbridge - search for “bondage”

Intellectual love of God

Life of freedom – see Woodbridge - search for “freedom”

Mental anxiety – a human mental condition of anxious anticipation of unseen and/or unwanted circumstances, its opposite is peace of mind, which Spinoza seeks  see Woodbridge - search for “mental”

Natura – (Latin) not the nature of flowers, birds and bees but Nature as all that exists; the "essence" of the world, that which makes the world what it is. [A major point in Spinoza's philosophy is that Nature is right before us and it is comprehensible. A union is possible between "the mind and the whole of Nature." All phenomena are open to reasoned inquiry.]

Natura Naturans – (Latin) nature becoming, the processes of existence - like evolution

Natura Naturata – (Latin) nature begotten, the products (things) of the universe

Order and connection – see Woodbridge - search for “order and”

To preserve our being – extend our lives - see On the Improvement of the Understanding (Page 4)

Slavery to the emotions – see Woodbridge - search for “slavery”

Sub specie aeternatatus In the light of eternity or Under the aspect of eternity

Union of the mind with the whole of Nature - Spinoza's chief good - see Woodbridge “ - search for “union”; see On the Improvement of the Understanding (Page 7)