Source: Theologico-Political Treatise - Chapter I. of Prophecy

Spinoza's Chapter 1. - to know the natural world is to know (Deus sive Natura)      (Page 5)

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Spinoza says that the Bible doesn't mention any other way for the prophets to obtain knowledge of (Deus sive Natura) except by words and figures either real or imaginary. He says we must not invent any other means for them.

Spinoza goes on – Everything takes place by the power of (Deus sive Natura). Nature herself is the power of (Deus sive Natura) under another name, and our ignorance of the power of (Deus sive Natura) is co-extensive with our ignorance of Nature. It is absolute folly, therefore, to ascribe an event to the power of (Deus sive Natura) when we know not its natural cause.


Don't make more of the prophets than they were, says Spinoza. And nature; the realm of living things, of oceans and clouds, and the sun and stars are all manifestions of (Deus sive Natura). Our ignorance of natural causes is not a reason to call an unusual event due to (Deus sive Natura).