Concerning the Short Treatise on God and Man and His Well-Being Book 2, of man and his well-being - Preface and Chapter I, of kinds of knowledge

book coverHaving in the first part, discoursed on God, and on the
universal and infinite things, we shall proceed now treat of those which concern man.

First comes knowledge of the existence of our bodies and our thoughts.  We becme aware of ourselves and there are things outside of us.  Then there three kinds of knowledge, Opinion, Belief, and clear Knowledge

We call it Opinion because it is subject to error, and has no place when we are sure of anything, but only in those cases when we are said to guess and to surmise. The second we call Belief, because the things we apprehend only with our reason are not seen by us, but are only known to us through the conviction of our understanding that it must be so and not otherwise. But we call that clear Knowledge which comes, not from our being convinced by reasons, but from our feeling and enjoying the thing itself, and it surpasses the others by far.

Of these we say this, namely, that from the first proceed all the " passions" which are opposed to good reason ; from the second, the good desires ; and from the third, true and sincere Love, with all its offshoots.