On the Theologico-Politicus Treatise

book coverThis book is written in conventional style and the language translated from the Latin is much more accessible to the reader than the Ethics.

I wondered what I should do with it. After the exhilarating heights of the Ethics the lower elevations of this book and Political Treatise to follow seem less important. Still, as I am trying to help the modern reader understand all of Spinoza's work, I should not leave them out of this web site. Especially because the Theologico-Politicus represents the first logical consideration of the Bible.  Spinoza is often cited as the father of higher Biblical scholarship.

Therefore, I will present excerpts from these two books of what seems to me important and make only those comments that may promote the reader's interest.

The complete text of the Elwes translation is available here  http://www.constitution.org/bs/theo_pol1.htm