From the Ethics – Part II. On the Nature and Origin of the Mind

Page 1 – since (Deus sive Natura) is perfect the reality it produes is perfect

Page 2 – on adequate ideas

Page 3 – the essence of man does not exist forever

Page 4 – as (Deus sive Natura) contains all, it also contains thought

Page 5 – all existence necessarily follows from the essence of (Deus sive Natura)

Page 6 – the human mind has the capability to comprehend the universe

Page 7 – human mind is part of the infinite intellet of (Deus sive Natura)

Page 8 – the nature of reason is to view things in the light of eternity

Page 9 – on the third kind of knowledge

Page 10 – inferring knowledge of the third kind

Page 11 – the mind has no free will

Page 12 – the conclusion to Part II - why his doctrine is good