From the Ethics – Part III. On the Nature and Origin of the Emotions

Page 1 – preface to Part III – human emotions are part of nature

Page 2 – nature is studied by reason, emotions can be studied in the same way

Page 3 – emotions defined; freedom of will again denied

Page 4 – as far as it is able, everything endeavors to continue to exist

Page 5 – there are three basic emotions – desire, pleasure and pain

Page 6 – when the body dies so does the mind

Page 7 – on pleasure derived from preservation of loved thing

Page 8 – when a hated object is destroyed pleasure results

Page 9 – on the emulation of emotions - empathy

Page 10 – on pity, benevolence and doing good

Page 11 – on feeling good while doing good

Page 12 – preventing the getting of what can't be shared

Page 13 – on the pains of human love

Page 14 – on desire

Page 15 – on good and evil - the relativity of morals

Page 16 – on turning hatred into love

Page 17 – there are many kinds of pleasure, pain and desires

Page 18 – to each animal, as to each person, emotions vary according to their natures

Page 19 – driven by conflicting emotional responses we drift helplessly

Page 20 – preservation of individual existence - the basis for morality

Page 21 – pleasure is a transition toward perfection

Page 22 – on love and hate

Page 23 – on hope and fear

Page 24 – right and wrong are taught by parents and society